Tired of renting & not sure where to start?

Rent. Landlord. Money in the trash. Shared space. I can hear my neighbors alarm clock. Any of this sound familiar?  Renting can be a nice way to live for a while, but ultimately the desire to invest in your future takes hold!  Where do you start? Get in touch with a licensed Realtor and set up a 30-45 minute meeting to sit face to face and begin by building trust.  So how do you find an agent?  The best way is word of mouth.  We all like to talk about getting a good deal or a cool new restaurant and what better way than sharing with your friends and family, and the truth is this is no different than when it comes time to find a Realtor.  Once you meet with a Realtor, they can connect you with a trusted lending partner to get you started on the loan application process!

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