number’s game

It is a number’s game!  Well, in the world of Real Estate number’s are everywhere for seller’s to evaluate what various ‘experts’ say their house is worth.  There are also tons of places for buyer’s to try and figure out what a house is really worth and what they should offer.

#TRULIA & #ZILLOW are two common sites people visit to see numbers!  Values. Prices. Taxes. Estimated Monthly $$$.

My_Home_Value_2 So what is the best way to go about finding out how much your home is worth or how much you should pay for a home?  ASK A #REALTOR!  Looking at and evaluating recent homes that have sold or perhaps one’s under contract is a great place to start.  This method takes in to account if a house has seen price reductions, it looks at days on market, it give you an opportunity to compare apples to apples.  It also gives you a chance to actually talk with an knowledgeable expert!

So, check out the home sites you love AND save the number’s games for your Realtor.

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